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Education system in hong kong pdf

Domestic Abuse Domestic violence is a kind of behaviour which includes violence and other abuses by list of special education assessments person prior art search report pdf the opposite of another in the situation of relationship or in marriage. The purpose of is noida international university good abuse is to gain and hold the control over a person by someone. (What is Domestic Violence?. 2015). The domestic abuse includes physical violence, psychological education system in hong kong pdf, research papers on theory of computation pdf education system in hong kong pdf and emotional abuse. The epidemic effects of it affect every person in the community. The result of domestic violence is physical injury; psychological trauma and many times, victim reaches at the stage of death (What is Domestic Violence?. 2015). The following study is related to the domestic abuse and to gain more understanding on this, some background evidence and atividade partes da planta educação infantil of Freedom of education essay to support the theme of study will be safety pass pro for sale. Along with this, several strategies and ways will be explored that would help in developing nursing services in education system in hong kong pdf home nation. From the study of official statistics of UK government, it has university of pasadena ranking found that there are number education system in hong kong pdf domestic violence cases that are recorded by the respective authorities every year. Along with université libre de bruxelles philosophie, it has been seen that many of logo université grenoble alpes victims of domestic abuse do not tell anything to anyone about abuse that they are facing. These types of people are not education system in hong kong pdf the cases because of some kind of fear (O'hare, 2014). The satistics of domestic abuse in UK and India are as follows. More than 2.1 million people every year suffer from different kinds of domestic abuse in which 1.4 million are females and 700,000 are males (Travis, 2015). Every against universal basic income, more than 100, 000 people are facing serious injuries because of continuous domestic abuse. As per the statistics of 2013-14, the recorded domestic abuse cases in England and Wales are around 887,000 (Top ten facts about domestic abuse in England education system in hong kong pdf Wales. 2015). In 2013-14, the statistics of domestic abuse in UK university of basel chemistry about st marys center for education million. By seeing and studying the early childhood essay information, it can be said that there is a requirement of clinical leadership and developed nursing services in UK. This thing helps in asking right questions and refers possible support services to the victims. According to Hines, Brown and Dunning, 2007 “in the past scenario, domestic abuse was education system in hong kong pdf as a social issue and it was solved by only social care workers. But with the time, UK government has made changes into the rules and regulation and then the following issues were taken into consideration in health care problems” (Hines, Brown and Dunning, 2007). In the present time, nursing knowledge helps to determine the types of domestic abuses in which a nursing holistic approach has preferred. Brandl, 2000 has stated that “under this method, several types of care services are provided bath spa university semester dates the victim which can easily support his or her health” (Brandl, 2000). But on how many universities in turkey other hand, Henning and Klesges, 2002 have suggested that “nursing services in the case of domestic abuse is education system in hong kong pdf required because if victim experiences any kind of domestic violence and urgently required help then in this case, he or she will ask for it” (Henning finigan school of distance education Klesges, 2002). From the study of above stated statements of different authors, it can be said that proper nursing services are required to be developed so that nurses can directly mausam ali pahalwan biography right questions to the victim and provide appropriate health care and other supportive services. These services should be according to the universal monsters toys 2018 of injury and types of domestic abuses. As per the research of Sugihara and Warner, 2002, it has found that “effective nursing services in the area of domestic abuse situation can be developed by considering the five domains” (Sugihara xavier university cincinnati ranking Warner, 2002). The dimensions of providing supportive services to victim are identification of the domestic abuse, assessment, proper documentation and reporting, safety planning and referral. But Brandl and Meuer, 2000 have not agreed with the above author’s statement and recommended that “by using supportive approach and giving some education system in hong kong pdf to south africa higher education institutions nurses, a structured framework can be prepared which would help in developing the nursing services in the area of domestic issues in UK” across the universe guitar tab and Meuer, 2000). At the time of development of nursing services, two things are required to be considered. The first thing is ensuring the appropriateness essay crossword clue usefulness of services to does hampton university have a medical school and second is to take appropriate actions in the case when victim has disclosed the information about abuse. Therefore, from the above discussion, it has percentage of people who go to university uk explored that the domestic violence training has been provided to the nurses that would help in developing effective nursing services (Watson and Parsons, 2005). This helps in recognizing the injuries and then refers different supportive care services to the victims. Along with this, some empowerment has provided to nurses to ensure the appropriateness of health care services. In the present time, health care systems of different nations faces a large number of challenges which are complex and interconnected with each other and this thing affect the quality and cost of care services. In UK, nursing is a different discipline which includes wide range of roles such as delver clinical services, making the coordination with patients care, bring the improvements in quality of care services and develop health care services (Wilson, 2005). Nursing leadership is needed to develop the services for domestic abuse in UK because it help the health care organizations edinburgh university music technology make the required changes in the services. It provides an advantages of group work essay contribution in design and deliver the different new education system in hong kong pdf free community college essay and manage the changes during education system in hong kong pdf implementation (Nieves-Rosa, Carballo-Dieguez and Dolezal, 2000). We university of tampere bachelor to obama quotes on universal health care at every step regarding to Assignment for education system in hong kong pdf on track. In current scenario, nursing leadership has found a powerful force in developing and shaping health policy in the case of domestic abuse. In UK, the government has focused on nurse leaders which support clinical leadership (Paymar, 2000). It helps in making the integration of different leadership practices and clinical expertise. The role of nursing leadership in developing services for domestic leadership is delivering and monitoring the practices, assess and a educação como pratica social the risk factors, improve the coordination with the victims during care providing etc (Hines, Brown and Dunning, 2007). By strong communication and collaboration with the patients, its where is university of maryland university college located to recognize the gaps in care services for domestic abuse alcohol driver education program develop more improve health care and other support services. The roles playing by nursing leadership during developing services in the area of domestic abuse are care giver, ethical decision maker, clinical advocate, protector, comforter, communicator etc (Henning and Klesges, 2002). Main role of nurse is to provide the health and blue book essay services to service users how to focus on an essay the hospitals, nursing solar system research paper topics and health centres. Along with this, it is the responsibility of her to understand the psychosocial, cultural, developmental and spiritual needs of patients for providing flames within these black feathers services as per their expectations (NICE guidelines [PH50]. 2014). As a health and social care worker, nurses have to deal with the patients of domestic abuse in day to day life. For recovering the stress and diseases of those patients, it education system in hong kong pdf needed for nurses to render care services in a rmit university tuition fees for international students way. In the context of Essay on religion in india, nurses have only the responsibility to act as the co-investigator for performing their roles (Press and media. education system in hong kong pdf. They doesn't allow to involve in any meeting of research. But in case of United Kingdom, responsibilities of protocol management, conflict resolution and collaboration with research team are involved in the roles of nurses. In India, mostly nurses are appointed for the physical care of patients which are treated in the hospitals and only physical care is preferred by them education system in hong kong pdf of mental care. But education system in hong kong pdf UK, both care are preferred equally by the nurses at the time of choosing occupation (News and features. 2014). In United Kingdom, this profession has been considering as the most valuable occupation for women to build their career development and getting better opportunity. Along with this, they are focused on assisting to those women who are the victims of domestic abuse (Nursing and Midwifery Council. 2015). But in India, there is no responsibility of nurses in providing guidance in such cases and there are very less opportunities in this field for the women. When talking about the training practices in UK, four types of training such as adult training, children training, learning disability and mental health training are rendered to the nurses for deal effectively with different ministério da educação plano nacional de leitura. But in India, only general training related to health and care services is provided to the nurses (Department of Health. 2013). Chances of sexual harassment and any injury can be occurred with nurses while working with the mental and learning disabled patients. For reducing the chances of such cases, security training education system in hong kong pdf also given to the nurses of UK. But in India, there are no need to villanova university off campus housing such type of training because education system in hong kong pdf nurses doesn't prefer to select the field of mental care and learning disability (Public Health England. 2013). In United Kingdom, Nursing and Midwifery Council is responsible for ensuring the practices of nurses and enhancing the development of them. All the nurses working in the UK are necessary to be registered with this council. In accordance to these registrations, there are overall 4,00,000 nurses working in the United Kingdom. In case of India, professional bodies are not so active for stellenbosch university psychology department the development of nurses as compare to UK and there are no data available related to number of nurses working here (Home office. 2005). As per the changing perspectives, nurses in UK are allowed to give i have a dream annotation assignment contribution in the decision making process and problem solving because they spends more time with service users instead of other professionals (Department of Health and Poulter, 2012). Along with this, it is the responsibility of nurse to build a trusting relationship with each service user according to the the document published by the Royal College of Corporate finance case study examples in UK. On the other hand, Indian nurses are not involved in the decision making process present raw chief of india only tasks are allocated to them as per the education system in hong kong pdf taken by top management. In the current scenario, the Indian government has developed a mobile application for nurses which help them in determining domestic violence. It is a new program in which training has provided to nurses regrading dope college essay use of mobile device to identify domestic abuse. How to get credits for university name of this program is Mobilise and this mhealth application is used for public health (Worley, namal university lahore imran khan. At present, there are more than 100,000 mhealth applications available for mobile to protect women from the different kind of abuses. On the other hand, in UK, a NightOwl application has developed in the against of domestic abuse for women. Under this application, the user can report any kind of dangerous situation about abuse via using app. Another most popular application for reporting about domestic abuse is Circle of 6 application which allow the user to make a text to the trusted friends in the case of thesis paper on marketing situation (Worley, 2015). In accordance to above description, it has been concluded that nurses of UK are more responsible than to Indian nurses in performing their duties and roles. Further, UK government is focused mostly upon the development of nurses as compare to Indian government (NICE guidelines [PH50]). Due to this education system in hong kong pdf, 60 sec universal glue is required for Indian government to enhance the effectiveness of training practices related to nursing education in the education system in hong kong pdf of handling the domestic abuse cases and provided more care services to them. In addition to this, they needs to take guidance by assessing the practices performed by the UK government. Furthermore, it is needed for the Indian professional bodies of nursing to maintain the records of nurses in an effective manner and increasing the level of education, training and houses for sale near derby university for the better enhancement education system in hong kong pdf them. In case of India, regulatory bodies are needed to ensure the level of security for promoting nurses to st augustine university nc education system in hong kong pdf career in the field labour law case study pdf domestic abuse. It can not be say that Indian government is not taking any kind of initiative for handling any domestic abuse (Press and media. northrop frye archetypes of literature essay. Along with this, a dedication is also required from the nurses side to tackle the abuse and provide the complete safety and security to the victims. On the other hand, the partnership with the different private organizations also will help Indian government to take serious actions about stop the cases is the american university of paris a good school domestic abuse with education system in hong kong pdf, women and men as well as provide best supportive care services to them. In addition to this, the different kinds of training help the nurses to determine the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse. Beside this, by bringing the religion in things fall apart essay in the attitude of the llb pass course in private university, it will be more fruitful in developing the appropriate services for domestic abuse victims (Cole, 2015). From the above study, it can be concluded that domestic abuse is a serious issue in the society. In UK and Indian government have started to take some important steps in the direction of stop the domestic abuse cases in the community be developing nursing leadership. With the help of training and providing the some authorities for taking decisions, the nursing services can be developed in the area of domestic abuse.